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Alexander Fine Montecristi

The Montecristi Fine free brim hat with 3cm grosgrain contrast logo hatband. The Montecristi Panama has a beautiful story. In Ecuador, the city of Montecristi is universally recognized as the cradle of the finest Panama hats. The Montecristi Tejedor are true artists in manually weaving straw fibers. They choose to work at night and during the early dawn hours, when temperatures are cool and the humidity level is high, as these conditions allow the straw fibers to respond better to the stress of manual handling. The result is an exceptionally fine, light and elastic weave with the delicacy of silk. This lightness in the weave is the secret to creating a Montecristi Panama with its finest woven fibers. With skill and precision one single hat can take up to 6 months to produce. After rigorous quality control, the woven products are sent on to the Alessandria Maison for the continued rigorous and intricate manufacture processes by skilled Borsalino artisans who finalize the crafting phases that include first and second shaping, trimming, dressing and finishing. Between the two schools of excellence; the Ecuadorian art of weaving and the Italian Alessandria craftsmanship, gives rise to the renowned Borsalino Panama Montecristi. Also comes with a matching box.
The size of this hat is in line with standard measurements, based on the circumference of the head.
100% Made in Italy

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